When was the last time I deployed that SharePoint solution?

When was the last time I deployed that SharePoint solution?

Ever have trouble remembering when you last deployed a specific solution?  Now, none of us would ever allow an environment to be uncontrolled and let people willy-nilly install solutions, but in the real world sometimes things slip through our well controlled documentation and we need a hand.

For those of us with more than 5 farm solutions hunting and pecking for the last installed date can be problematic.  One of my colleagues (at this point I am forgetting who, so if it was you take a bow) helped me write a script to grab the information from SharePoint.

Here is the script:


This will output the information to a text file on your C: called solutionlog.txt.  Remove the “ >> c:solutionlog.txt “ and it will display onscreen like this:


If you are in an environment that has continuous integration coming out of TFS or another like service, you can schedule this and have it email you the output on a regular basis. 



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