Using SharePoint Lists in Microsoft Teams

Using SharePoint Lists in Microsoft Teams

This past week Microsoft announced that SharePoint pages & news articles will be able to be added to Microsoft Teams channels via their own tab using the new SharePoint button in the “Add a Tab” functionality. While it is great to see more ways to integrate the user experiences of SharePoint & Teams because users are really starting to like Teams and having a single place to go is making life easier. Here is my problem: It doesn’t work for SharePoint Lists. I know that this is something that people want because I have had numerous customers asking for it myself, plus Sherman Woo posted in Tech Community about it that has over 3.3k views, AND there is an User Voice that is Under Review on this with 28 comments & 222 votes as of this writing.

So why can I still not visualize a SharePoint List in Teams? The answer is very simple: You can, you just don’t know it. The functionality rolled out VERY quietly recently and Microsoft is waiting to do a major post about it until the official button shows up in Teams, but I got permission to share this information now because I keep getting asked for it.

A key point before I continue: This is not a hack. This is supported by Microsoft. If you have issues and call them, they will support you. It is simply functionality that they have released that they haven’t claimed victory for because they want the best user experience available for the announcement so that people are delighted rather than disappointed.

With all of that said, here is the simple process for adding a SharePoint List as a Tab in Microsoft Team.

How to:

Step 1: Visit your SharePoint List page & select the view you want displayed

SharePoint list on the Demos site

Step 2: Copy your list URL

The Demos site’s SharePoint list URL

Step 3: Open Microsoft Teams to the Channel you want to have the list show in

Microsoft Teams team for the Demos site

Step 4: Click the “Add a Tab” button

Add a Tab button in Microsoft Teams

Step 5: Select “Website” as the Tab

Website button in Add a tab

Step 6: Name your tab and paste the URL from your buffer

Adding a Website to Microsoft Teams

Step 7: Click on the Tab… and log in (if you are in the app). You are going to have to authenticate if you are in the Teams app because you are leaving the Teams framework and going to the website, which is a different authentication mechanism from the Teams app. If you are using the web experience for Teams you should not have to re-authenticate. When you have authenticated you will see the list visualized in Teams.

SharePoint list viewed in Microsoft Teams

It is worthy of note that the only thing that you see in the Tab you have just created is the List View from the page. You don’t get any of the Chrome or other nonsense. They did a great job on the implementation of this feature and I cannot wait to see it widely used. Everyone that I have shared this with thus far has had nothing but positive reactions and interactions with it.

Hopefully this is helpful to you!

5 thoughts on “Using SharePoint Lists in Microsoft Teams

  1. Thanks for posting Jason, very cool! I like your subtle indicators on what to click on. 😉

  2. Note that you’re just adding a “Website” tab to Teams, but are not actually using the “SharePoint” app that is also in Teams, but has serious problems.

    You state “functionality rolled out VERY quietly recently and Microsoft is waiting to do a major post about it until the official button shows up in Teams, but I got permission to share this information now” – the ‘Website’ tab is hardly a secret and has been in Teams for ages, so I doubt anyone needs permission to share something public like that.

    However, if you know how to get Lists to work in the actual SharePoint app (i.e. the real SharePoint app without the chrome and without the extra login, *not* the website), I’d love to know more – because that’s actually causing me all kinds of problems…

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