Updated PowerShell Profiles Creation Script

Updated PowerShell Profiles Creation Script



While enjoying Doug Hemminger’s presentation at the SharePoSH meeting tonight I realized that I hadn’t published an update to my How to: Automatically log your PowerShell session every time post, even though I had fixed some issues with the script more than 2 months ago. FYI, I still blame Todd Klindt for prompting me to write this thing in the first place by introducing me to start-transcript…

I updated the version of code in the previous post from v1.8 to v1.14 without posting about it, however the output formatting was poor.

The major changes from v1.8 to v1.15 are:

1.) Proper formatting of screen outputs
2.) Added PowerShell Active Directory modules
3.) Outputting a validated list of snap-ins & modules that are actually loaded instead of just printing on screen that the SharePoint module loaded even when it hadn’t
4.) Validation that the user is running in the context of an Administrator
5.) Removed unnecessary code & added proper commenting inline

You can find the updated code at on SkyDrive here.

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