Throwing my horns in to the ring…

Throwing my horns in to the ring…

I have finally broken down and joined the blogosphere.  I never thought the day would come, but here we are.

What would make me change my stance on this?  There are a few reasons, but the main driver is that I am consistently reading other people’s blogs looking for hints, tips and tricks on dealing with some of the weird and wacky problems that SharePoint throws are us and now that I am moving from working in a completely customized environment to a more OOB world my experiences might start to become relevant to someone else.

On a daily basis I work with some of the brightest minds that the SharePoint community has to offer and while some of our findings have gotten posted through their blogs, I figured I ought to make a real contribution to the community myself.

What can you expect from this blog?

Through this blog I hope to aid people who are running into similar issues that I see on a daily basis and allow them to contribute back with their experiences.  You may find some co-authoring here as many of my cohorts are blogging themselves.  We tend to collaborate extensively, so we will likely cross post in an attempt to get our experiences out to a wider audience.

A little about the author

I have been working with Microsoft Server technologies since around 1998 when I was supporting Motorola in Austin, TX.  I went to work for the University of Texas for 5 years where I developed expertise in Active Directory and Exchange.  I left UT to go on the road doing work for Dell in a partnership with Microsoft.  I spent 2 years traveling doing architecture, design and implementation of Active Directory and Exchange Migrations.  I joined my current employer in 2007 and have been doing SharePoint ever since.  My work has kept me out on the bleeding edge of the SharePoint world and Microsoft has continuously come back and asked us how the hell we solved some of the issues that we have run into.  Our SharePoint 2007 environment was run under FBA in a way that none of our findings would likely benefit the community, however now that SharePoint 2010 is running with Claims, it is a whole new world.

Outside of my crazy working world I am a happily married father of 2 boys and a die-hard Texas Longhorns fan and San Antonio Spurs fan.

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