The definitive BCS in SharePoint 2010 book now available

The definitive BCS in SharePoint 2010 book now available

My friend and colleague Scot Hillier has just published his new book with his co-author, Brad Stevenson, called “Professional Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010”. 

Scot brought me a copy today and from the brief bits that I have had an opportunity to read so far (plus what I was privilege to review prior to the printing), it far exceeds the expectations one might have for simply being THE BOOK (yes I know there is only one out there) on BCS.  Scot targets the book to C# developers, but even a simple admin/architect type like me is able to understand and follow Scot’s easy to read style of writing and grasp the concepts.

As the “stereotypical SharePoint admin” model punching bag for Scot’s presentations I may be a bit biased as I get to work with this talented guy on a regular basis, but I highly recommend you invest in this book, available in paperback or e-book, and give it a thorough read.  Chapter 8 on “Working with BCS Security” and the details he gives around Secure Store and Claims Authentication make it worth the investment alone for us admin types.

Shameless Plug (as though this whole post wasn’t already!)
Buy Scot’s book from the publisher or from and support his good work.

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