SQL Server 2012 Announcements & a new Blogger

SQL Server 2012 Announcements & a new Blogger

The big news of the day in the technology world… no, not the Blackberry outage… no, not iOS 5 being released…  the big news about SQL Server Code Name: “Denali” becoming official SQL Server 2012!  Product release is slated for the first half of 2012 (not specifically Q1 as many of us had hoped)

Project Crescent has been rebranded as Power View and announced that there will be a browser based version that will work on iOS & Android devices, but will not be full function.  The other great thing is that the story board to PowerPoint functionality was stated to be in the RTM release.

Project Juneau has been rebranded as SQL Server Data Tools as well.

The other big news is that my great friend, Dave Feldman, that I have quoted here on a number of occasions, is a co-creator of SPFLogger, and one of the smarter Microsoft BI & general troubleshooters that I know has finally started a blog.  Check out his take on the announcements from SQL PASS as well as some videos that he was able to get posted from the keynote.  His new blog is http://bostonmusicdave.blogspot.com

Lastly, you can check out the Official Press Release from Microsoft, the SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services information, the SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services info, and the SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Information Management info for updated information.  SQL Pass’s site is also a resource, but I have found that following @MicrosoftBI and @SQLServer on twitter have been more useful thus far.

More BI goodness when I hear it!

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