#SPSRI Wrap up

#SPSRI Wrap up


The inaugural #SPSRI is now in the books! When I joined the team putting this event on I had a few goals:

1.) select speakers who would elevate the event & give the attendees an amazing learning experience

2.) follow through on Chris’s goal of running the event on a minimal budget & get just enough sponsors to make the budget doable

3.) provide attendees & speakers with an fun, interactive, lively event that would be worth staying all day

4.) cross the 100 attendee barrier

5.) make the SharePint something that people wouldn’t have to leave the venue to participate in

I am happy to say that most of these goals were met & exceeded. We had a terrfiic panel of speakers (including several first timers), ended up with over 110 people in attendance with more than 70% staying until the closing raffle, and our SharePint was at the restaurant bar directly next to the venue which allowed us to retain the majority of the folks still around at the end of the raffle.

The one goal that was not quite met was the budget goal. Due to some spending choices we made we ended up needing less money than we originally planned. As a result were able to do far more than we expected for both attendees and speakers, including making some pretty awesome shirts with the logo you see above as well as help to seed next year’s event.

Thanks to everyone who put in time to make this event the success that it was.

…oh, and the deck from my session “PowerShell for the Anxious ITPro” can be found here: https://www.slideshare.net/jasonhimmelstein/powershell-for-the-anxious-itpro

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