#SPSNH Call for Speakers Update

#SPSNH Call for Speakers Update

We are now less than a week from closing the Call for Speakers, Wednesday August 7th at 6pm Eastern Time, and we are still looking for speakers to submit.

Many people have watched the message that I posted about the video we are asking speakers to submit and I have gotten some feedback that this requires some clarification:

The video is NOT a requirement. We are asking speakers to do it and think that it will make things a ton more fun, but it is absolutely not required.

Personally, I think that is a quick easy thing to do that any speaker should be able to do in no more than 3 takes using their smart phone or the camera feature in Windows 8 (that’s how I did my video, with a bit of overlay thanks to Camtasia).

If the video is keeping you from submitting to speak, just submit the form.  You can get the forms on our SPSEvents site.


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