MVP Award – My new year’s day suprise

MVP Award – My new year’s day suprise


With my vacation coming to a close I opted to spend one last morning with the boys and let Jill sleep in this morning. The day started like any other, Sam (age 3) came into my room and immediately started talking while Max (age 5) was hunkered down in his bed surrounded his books. We went downstairs to start the day and have breakfast, for which they had requested my special chocolate chip pancakes.

We finished our breakfast and had some fun play time before the pathetic plea for movies kicked in. I’m a sucker and had some web surfing to do so I caved quickly. When Jill came down stairs she found the 3 of us in the middle of the Lorax.

I popped onto Twitter to see what was doing in the world and saw Marc Anderson‘s tweet stating that he had been renewed for his MVP (and deservedly so). I had been informed that I was under consideration this cycle, but had not put much stock in my chances of being awarded. I was about to tell Jill about Marc and that it looked like I had not gotten it this year when my Outlook dinged and a message titled “Congratulations 2014 Microsoft MVP!” popped up.

I was speechless. Jill & I have been married almost 7 years and I can count on one hand the number of times that she has seen that happen.

I am humbled and honored to have been presented with this award. There are too many people for me to name here to whom I owe a debt of thanks & appreciation, so I will simply say thank you to the SharePoint Community as a whole.  I have to give the credit for this award to the people who have given them most, and that is my amazingly supportive wife and kids without-whom I would not be able to do any of the community work that I do.

I look forward to another great year of blogging, speaking, geeking, and community building. See you all in March at #SPC14 in Las Vegas if not before!

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